Sunglasses Warranty

Thank you for your Pelagic Polarized purchase. We understand our customers live an active lifestyle on and off the water and unforeseen accidents can damage your gear. Our High Performance Warranty ensures that your sunglasses can be replaced at no charge for any reason within the first 30 days of purchase. This high performance warranty may be claimed one (1) time within 30 days of your original purchase date.  If outside of 30 days, our Limited Lifetime Warranty protects you from manufacturer defects and we will replace your pair for a small fee. We stand behind our eyewear and appreciate your choice to wear Pelagic Polarized sunglasses.

Within 30 Days

FREE Replacement w/ original proof of purchase.
No questions asked.

Greater than 30 Days

$65-$85 Replacement Fee for normal wear & tear,
or FREE if deemed manufacturer defect. 2 claim maximum with original proof of purchase.


Only valid for original owner and must present valid proof of purchase from an authorized Pelagic dealer.  Pelagic stands behind our eyewear for any reason that causes your sunglasses not to be functional within 30 days of purchase. Any damaged sunglasses will be replaced with a new pair of the same style/color/lens one (1) time within 30 days of original purchase. This means, even if you caused the damage to the eyewear yourself, we will replace them for FREE once you send them in. If a style/color/lens is out of stock or no longer being sold, Pelagic will offer a comparable option for replacement.


All Pelagic Polarized Eyewear comes with our Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects with valid proof of purchase from an authorized Pelagic dealer. Warranty claims will not be processed without valid proof of purchase by original owner.

If your claim does not qualify for manufacturer defect and falls under normal wear and tear you have the option of replacement sunglasses. The replacement cost for XP-700™ polycarbonate polarized lenses is $65.00 and $85.00 for our PMG™ Polarized Mineral Glass. EACH ORIGINAL PURCHASE IS LIMTED TO TWO (2) REPLACEMENTS AND MUST PROVIDE ORIGINAL PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR EACH SUBMISSION.

Sunglasses that qualify for manufactures defect will be replaced with a new pair of Pelagic Polarized sunglasses of the same style/color/lens only. All warranty claims will be subject to review and approval. Any sunglasses deemed as a manufacturers defect will be replaced at no charge. Sunglasses that are deemed to be normal wear and tear after the first 30 days from your original purchase will qualify for Pelagic’s Replacement Program if maximum claims have not been reached.


Please email Pelagic Customer Care at to obtain an Authorization Number. Please include:
  • Proof of purchase
  • A picture of the issue
  • Description of the defect
  • Contact information

Once received, a Pelagic Customer Care team member will reach out to help you through the process. Thank you for choosing Pelagic Gear!

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY EXCLUDES: Products altered after purchase; damage caused by normal wear and tear including scratched lenses; disfigurement caused by neglectful exposure to extreme temperatures and/or other factors.

Warranty claims not physically received within 30 days of the initial correspondence will require submission of a new warranty application and additional approval.

For warranty claims outside the domestic US, shipping charge may apply.