Waterman's Journal

Oct 31, 2022

A Day in the Life of Capt. Kevin Hibbard

Join us for an exclusive look into a day in the life of Pelagic Pro Team Capt. Kevin Hibbard in Kona, Hawaii.

Capt. Kevin “Hibby” Hibbard: Captain Kevin Hibbard is a world-class captain and lure fishing expert, who learned from some of the best Kona based lure fishermen in the world including Capt. Marlin Parker. He has traveled the globe in search of the largest marlin that swim - This lifelong journey has taken him to the Azores, Cape Verde, Africa, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 

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Capt. Kevin Hibbard has dedicated his life to the pursuit of blue marlin in Kona, Hawaii and around the world.

For Kevin every day on the water is an opportunity to catch the largest marlin ever landed on rod & reel so nothing is left to chance. From hooks and tackle to sunglasses used for spotting fish only the best will do.

Just another day at the office for Pelagic Pro Team Capt. Kevin Hibbard.

Out on the water having the correct sun protection is very important, Kevin has used Pelagic Gear Aquateks shirts since they were first offered but that’s not the only protection from the sun that is needed here… Kevin never leaves the house without multiple pairs of fishing sunglasses of multiple polarized lens colors for optimal glare reduction in any conditions.

Kevin wires an XXL Kona blue marlin.

Pursuing the elusive world record blue marlin on rod and reel has led Kevin to the Big Island of Hawaii where he now captains the 43’ Allied Marine – 2nd OFFENSE. Outfitted with the newest fishing gear and electronics the 2nd OFFENSE is ready to find and tackle even the largest blue marlin.

Kevin Hibbard, fishing with Team Pelagic in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico takes home 1st place at the 2021 Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore tournament.

His accomplishments include winning tournaments in Kona, Maui and Cabo, holding the world record for Shortbill Spearfish on 16lb tackle, and catching a Grander Black marlin (1018lb) in Australia.

Kevin captains the 2nd OFFENSE, docked at the legendary Honokōhau Harbor in Kona, Hawaii.

Here in Kona, captains work together as a team to pattern the movements and daily feeding preferences of these elusive blue marlin. Whether you need a 6-pack of cold ones or a tow back to the harbor the Kona charter fleet is there for each other.

The 2nd Offense a 43’ Allied Marine (formerly Marlin Magic) is the ideal fishing vessel for the waters of Kona, Hawaii.

Today Kevin is a full time Captain on the charter boat 2nd OFFENSE a 43’ Allied Marine (Formerly known as the world-famous Marlin Magic) – This legendary Kona charter boat has caught numerous granders including an incredible 1,400-lb specimen which is still one of the largest pacific blue marlin ever caught on rod and reel.

Kevin and his son Fletcher are a father/son fishing team.

Kevin’s son Fletcher is already a regular co-pilot for Kevin and is always up for a day of fishing.

Powerful, Aggressive, & unrelenting, blue marlin will test even the most skilled anglers.

Unlike most places in the world where grander marlin catches are extremely seasonal, in Kona granders have been caught ever month of the year.

Hibbard with a 1018-lb grander black marlin caught on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Kona’s Ali‘i Dr, even features “The Grander Wall” which accounts for every grander marlin caught here since the first landed by Capt. George Parker in 1954.