Kevin Hibbard

Hometown: Kona, HI
Locations: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Azores, Cape Verde, Australia, New Zealand and Central America
Vessel: 43’ Allied Marine – 2nd OFFENSE

Kevin Hibbard is the ultimate marlin fisherman.  He is prolific in both fishing lure or bait for our ocean's largest billfish - blue or black marlin. Both a captain and a mate/wireman, Kevin has seen it all wiring grander blue marlin off Hawaii, and grander black marlin off Australia.


Accomplishments:  Winning and placing in the Kona and Maui tournaments, World record holder for Shortbill Spearfish on 16lb tackle, Grander Black marlin (1018lb) caught in Australia; 2019 Winner of the HIBT. 2021 Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore Tournament Winner.