Kevin Hibbard

Hometown: Kona, HI
Locations: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Azores, Cape Verde, Australia, New Zealand and Central America
Vessel: 43’ Allied Marine – 2nd OFFENSE

Kevin Hibbard is the ultimate marlin fisherman.  He is prolific in both fishing lure or bait for our ocean's largest billfish - blue or black marlin. Both a captain and a mate/wireman, Kevin has seen it all wiring grander blue marlin off Hawaii, and grander black marlin off Australia. Kevin and his wife, Cherise, also operate Pelagic's Kona Flagship Retail Store on Ali'i Dr.


Accomplishments:  Winning and placing in the Kona and Maui tournaments, World record holder for Shortbill Spearfish on 16lb tackle, Grander Black marlin (1018lb) caught in Australia; 2019 Winner of the HIBT