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Battle Gloves


  • Kevlar Lined
  • Adjustable Tightening Strap
  • Lightweight Fabric
  • Moister Wicking Properties
  • Performance Sweatband


Don’t head home empty handed! With the Pelagic Battle Gloves you’ll have that extra edge for fighting monster fish of the deep. These heavy-duty “Sure Grip” fishing gloves are ideal for fishing heavy mono, spectra, or wire lines and are Kevlar reinforced – whoa! – for maximum protection from line cuts and blisters. Made with open fingertips for maximum dexterity and finger maneuverability, these gloves increase angler endurance, yet are versatile enough to use for fish handling, bill grabbing, fish filleting, and many other offshore purposes. With Velcro security and stamped with the Pelagic deluxe logo, the Battle Gloves are a must-have for any offshore adventure!