Michelle Bancewicz

Hometown: Seabrook, NH
Locations: Northeast
Vessel: FV No Limits

Captain Michelle Bancewicz has spent most of her life fishing the waters of the gulf of Maine. When she wasn't working as a mate on charter head boats she was fishing with family. When she landed her first bluefin tuna in 2015 she was hooked, getting her captain’s license and her own boat soon after. By 2021, Michelle had gained the support and respect of fishermen across the globe when she caught an 800-lb. tuna solo off the shores of her home state.  She then became the first female captain to join National Geographic's reality TV show, Wicked Tuna. With her all-female crew aboard FV No Limits, Capt. Bancewicz sets an example for her daughters – and all women – that there truly are no limits to what they can achieve.