Kelly Dalling Fallon

Hometown: Cairns, Australia
Locations: Great Barrier Reef, AUS
Vessel: 56' O'Brien KEKOA
Kelly Dalling Fallon is a 2nd generation angler in the Cairns giant black marlin fishing charter industry, her father being well-known captain Jim Dalling. She was born and bred in North Queensland and grew up on the water. Fallon now runs KEKOA Sportfishing out of Cairns, Australia along with her husband Captain Luke Fallon. Over the years, she has honed her photography skills on “The Reef,” capturing some of the most well-known images of the giant black marlin fishery on the Great Barrier Reef. Her work has been published numerous times in publications across the globe. As an angler, her two favorite loves are juvenile black marlin on light tackle and targeting the iconic Australian barramundi.