Johan Mikkelsen

Hometown: Stromstad, Sweden
Locations: La Gomera, Azores, Norway, Ascension Island, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Andaman Islands, Rodrigues Island, Maldives
Johan Mikkelsen started his career after 2 years at the Sportfishing Academy, 3 years of marine biology and finished off with Deck Officer Class VII for a deeper understanding of navigation and safety at sea. Saltwater fishing is closest to his heart, especially popping and jigging on different tropical destinations around the world. He also loves wiring huge blue marlin and bluefin tuna at destinations such as the Azores, Ascension Island, La Gomera and Cape Verde. Mikkelsen has caught a blue marlin of 1,064 lbs, bigeye tuna to 160 lbs, cubera snapper to 70 lbs, roosterfish to 70 lbs, and many more. He has been stationed most of his career in Northern Norway, and has been fishing around the world since 2013.