Capt. Steve Fernandez

Hometown: Breezy Point, NY
Locations: New York, Florida and Bahamas
Vessel: 64' Viking FIVE SEAS
Capt. Steve Fernandez grew up in breezy point, NY. He spent his childhood in, on, and under the water. His extreme passion for fishing is who he is. Throughout his school years he fished on various private and charter vessels, and graduated college with a degree in earth and atmospheric science. After spending 8 years in the corporate world, he knew the ocean is where he would end up. He started working full time for Capt. Mark Deblasio on the Blue Runner out of Manasquan, NJ. Working for Mark, he gained a lifetime of knowledge and experience. After making his name on the Blue Runner and the tournament scene, Capt. Fernandez made the move to the bridge and is currently running the 64’ Viking “Five Seas” which summers in NY and winters in Florida and the Bahamas. The program's main focus is offshore Pelagic fishing, more specifically Tuna - Bigeye, Yellowfin and Giant Bluefin.