Anthony Elizo

Hometown: San Juan
Locations: Puerto Rico
Vessel: 15' Solo Skiff

Anthony Elizo began fishing from his 14-ft. kayak just a few years ago, and quickly let his passion and commitment to fishing lead him into capturing the attention of everyone in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. He has caught a large variety of species offshore, including dorado, tuna, wahoo, marlin and cobia. His ventures into the ocean have since continued in the style of "The Old man and the Sea", and has captured a 200+ pound Blue Marlin in a Solo Skiff. He is a certified captain and stands out on the island, with multiple catches in his unique "micro skiff." He is one of the pioneers in Puerto Rico, bring the style of SPJ (slow pitch jigging) by fishing in deep waters for multiple species of fish, especially a variety of groupers and big snapper. 

Accomplishments: 200-lb-plus blue marlin on light tackle in a 14' Solo Skiff, and a 90-lb. wahoo on a Micro Skiff.