Waterman's Journal

Feb 25, 2021

Livin' It - Bahamas Style!


SONG: "Livin' It", courtesy of our friends, Stick Figure

Joining Team Pelagic's Stephen & Michelle Boyle along with Captain Tyler Kapela for an excursion aboard the immaculate 39' Contender, 'Boyle'n Point', our team was treated to everything the island paradise of Bimini has to offer - and then some! From early-season wahoo offshore, to bonefish on the pristine Bahamian flats, and everything in between, a 50-mile escape from South Florida across the Atlantic straights to Bimini is a must-add to your angling bucket list.⁠..

Below are just a few of the benefits to a fishing adventure in The Bahamas:


Trolling at high-speeds around the submerged reefs of Bimini, wahoo are a prime target during months of October through March. Your best shots will be on the front and backs of full or new moons when trolling at depths in and out of 150 to 500-feet.High-Speed-Trolling-Wahoo-BahamasWahoo-Pelagic-Bimini-Bahamas-Colin Sarfeh-Tyler Kapela


Patrolling the pristine flats of Bimini, bonefish are the premier inshore species available at this Caribbean paradise. A year-round resident, bonefish are a prized target of fly fishing enthusiasts that can also be caught sight-casting to schools of "ghosts" with light spinning tackle.Fly Fishing-Bahamas-BonefishBonefish-Bahamas-Fly Fishing


Pushing out into deeper water just miles of Bimini, a treasure trove of deep-water denizens offer a multitude of opportunities to boat some of the tastiest fish you will find in any ocean. Hooked squid bait sent to the seafloor around 1,000-feet can result in a smorgasbord of snapper and grouper deliciousness brought up from the depths, including the highly-prized queen snapper.Queen Snapper-Deep Dropping-BahamasYelloweye Snapper-Bahamas-Deep Dropping


One of the favored past times when visiting The Bahamas, spearfishing with Hawaiian sling in relatively shallow waters provides fun for all that want to try their hand at "underwater hunting". In depths of 30 to 60-feet, spearfishermen will find a Bahamian buffet of different snappers, groupers, and the always-welcomed hogfish. A number of accessible wrecks also offer incredible snorkeling & dive outings.Spearfishing-Hogfish-BahamasHogfish-Spearfishing-BahamasShipwreck-Snorkeling-Bimini-Bahamas


When not on the water, enjoy the truly beautiful scenery of this Caribbean paradise by land. We recommend renting a golf cart for a day to enjoy the immaculate white sand beaches, wade in the warm, crystal clear ocean waters, or sample the incredible Bahamian cuisine at some of the local restaurants and conch shacks. Whatever your pleasure, Bimini will truly put you in an island state of mind.Bimini-Bahamas-Beach-PelagicKalik-Beer-Bahamas-Bimini

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