Waterman's Journal

Oct 21, 2009

Sheri Daye - Spearfishing Extraordinaire

SHERI DAYE Spearfishing Extraordinaire

Location: Worldwide

Sheri Daye , a friend of Pelagic and host of Speargun Hunter on Outdoor Channel, is an avid freediver/hunter. The show starts its fourth season in January 2010. Sheri holds several world records, including a 179-pound yellowfin tuna. She has won a National Championship and teaches spearfishing, emphasizing safety and ethical hunting. Sheri also hosts an annual international Spearfishing Expo in Florida, "The Blue Wild", with proceeds to charity. She says, "Freedive spearfishing is a challenging and selective way to hunt for food. It also makes you realize what a beautiful world we live in and how important it is to protect it."

PELAGIC Pro Team Freediver Sheri Daye checks in with some recent photos from her recent filming Adventures...

Below: Sheri comes up with a solid Snapper...

Below: Hard work pays off with this large Cubera .

Below: Sheri nails a very respectable Yellowfin .

Below: Sheri during filming of her show Speargun Hunters .

Below: Double-Trouble. Sheri and her sister Diana .