Waterman's Journal

Jul 01, 2009

Searching the World on the Fly - Part I

Join the FlyCastaway crew as they search the world for its most prestine shallow water fly-fishery!

Location: Seychelles

Nearly a thousand miles east of Africa, deep in the Indian Ocean lies one of the ocean's greatest gifts for shallow water fishermen. It is the Island Nation known simply as the Seychelles . The shallow waters and flats around these atolls are truly a haven for a grand variety of species, both ferocious and beautiful.

Below: Warm clear waters make up this superior tropical fishery...

Seychelles Excitement!

The Waterman's Journal is always on the look out for the fish and fishermen that provide us with stories and pictures that consistently keep you in awe. Thanks to the FlyCastaway crew, we are able to see what it is like to be living the life hunting down some of the worlds most elusive fly species in locations unheard of by many.

Below: A flight to the most desolate locations often yield hours and hours of built up excitement and anticipation...

Below: Even after landing, the desolation is still present as shown. The FlyCastaway boys are chartered off by boat to some of the most epic and virgin waters. It is in these precise locations that their dreams come true and their fly fishing battles become a reality

Below: Ultra Clear waters provide superior potential on the flats. The abundance of predators on isolated islands like the Seychelles is what it is all about...

Below: Trevally often blow up on a fly and will provide a fight that pound for pound rivals anything you will ever encounter on the fly rod.

Below: Your Gear will undoubtedly be put to the test. Bring your Tackle, Maintain your Tackle, and bring even more Tackle for a Back-up!

Below: While Monster Giant Trevally like such are often present, it is highly likely that you will encounter the thrills associated with being hooked up on a big Trophy Bone , a Thundering Permit , or an Exotic Trigger .

Below: Milkfish , the giant cousin of the Bonefish, roam the flats and are one of the more elusive species to take a fly.

Below: Permit , the Grander Relative of the Pompano, is a superb fighter found only in tropical waters.

Below: A Bohar Snapper is taken on Fly.

Below: A Napoleon Wrasse such as the one caught below are some of the most brilliant and beautiful of the larger exotic fish.

Below: Although, Parrotfish like this monster often display some very vibrant colors of their own.

Below: Wrestling a small Trevally on the flats.

Below: A triple hookup in the Seychelles does not get much better for a group of guys!

Below: The FlyCastaway guys are highly regarded at some of the best at what they do. It is a great honor to have them share their adventures with the Waterman's Journal. Be sure to stay tuned for Part II as we explore their journeys in Kenya, Angola, South Africa, and other unexplored epic locations,

Check back with the Waterman's Journal for Part II of the FlyCastaways World Journey

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