Waterman's Journal

Jan 14, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Spotlight


Early-Year PV Update
via Capt Josh Temple

With cold green water plaguing our local waters pelagic species like marlin and tuna might be headed for greener pastures, but the snapper, pargo, and amberjacks have taken up residence in FORCE!

Lora, myself and others have ventured out several times in search of snapper madness. At one point literally thousands of red critters boiled on the surface 360 degrees around the boat, annihilating anything you threw at them. Topwater poppers stood little chance as acres of pargos and snappers gobbled everything in sight. It was one of the best topwater snapper bites that I've ever seen, and to say we enjoyed every minute of it would be an understatement.

Nothing quite like an afternoon of madness amongst friends amigos, thanks for one hell of an afternoon on the water!!!

Also, some pretty awesome action out at the Marias islands on the pargos, snapper, and amberjacks. We fished HARD for marlin for two days. Saw some tailing but no takers. Ran 40 miles south of Cabo Corrientes yesterday for nada. Not even ONE bite!!!!

Below : Hooked up on light tackle!

Below : Rainbow Runners like such are a blast on light gear!

Below : Lora collecting fresh bait in the morning!

Below : African Pompano are brute fighters on all tackle!

Below : Pargo Madness!

Below : A Unique Pargo on Topwater!

Below : Another beautiful Pargo hits the deck...

Below : Inshore Action!

Below : Providing a pretty pretty lady with an Amberjack !

Below : Enjoying the break in the weather!

Below : Priceless...