Waterman's Journal

Sep 16, 2016

PELAGIC's Striped Marlin Goes the Distance for the IGFA!

Striped Marlin_Team PELAGIC_IGFA Great Marlin Race-1

Incredible data received on the PELAGIC-sponsored satellite tag, planted last September on a Southern California striped marlin during the IGFA's Great Marlin Race!

Pro Team Captain Evan Salvay made the tag off the Channel Islands during the Balboa Angling Club's Master's Tournament. This fish traveled an incredible 7,586 nautical miles, traversing the Baja Peninsula before high tailing it out to the Hawaiian Islands region and beyond. This data covers a 240-day period before the satellite tag popped off and information was collected. This valuable information will serve as further means to understand the migration habits of striped marlin in the Pacific Ocean.


[ Below: The well-traveled marlin receives it's 240-day piercing by Capt. Evan Salvay ] Striped Marlin_Team PELAGIC_IGFA Great Marlin Race-2

See story below of the actual tagging mission from September 2015 by PELAGIC Pro Team Capt. Evan Salvay...