Waterman's Journal

Sep 20, 2022

Pelagic Brings Renowned Rockstar Tournament Series to Puerto Rico

Team Pelagic brings renowned “Rockstar” tournament series to Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Captain Daviel Molina and “Team Tatonka” take home top overall honors in the inaugural event. Angler Yecenia Oliveras dominates the fleet, winning the coveted Custom Pelagic Fender Guitar, Top overall Billfish Release Champions, Top Overall Angler & Top Lady Angler for her team. In the gamefish divisions, dorado, king mackerel, tuna and wahoo all made appearances at the scales. With only 4 total pounds separating the winners in the inboard division and just 2 pounds in the outboard division, it all came down to the final minutes to determine who came out on top.

Sept 1-4, 2022, Safe Harbor Marina Puerto Del Ray, Fajardo Puerto Rico -
Hosted by Safe Harbor Marina Puerto Del Ray, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, anglers from across the island of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Continental United States, gathered for the inaugural Rockstar Puerto Rico Offshore Fishing Tournament. Anticipation was high as Pelagic fans and supporters from across the island had been asking for a tournament like this for some time.

The week started off with a festive atmosphere during team check-in and final registration at tournament village. A traditional pig roast sponsored by Blue Water Insurance and cooked to perfection by Lechon’s To Go, ice cold beer from Madalla, Sangria from Sangria Los Paraos and Vodka cocktails from Tito’s Handmade Vodka and DonQ Rum highlighted the evening and tournament kickoff celebration. Live music was provided by local rock-n-roll band “Remember December”. Lordes and her staff at restaurant Alacena provided amazing appetizers and helped tremendously the entire week. Every team was also provided cases of bottled water courtesy of Allied Car Rental and bags of ice from La Flores each day.

The first fishing tournament of its kind to be held in Puerto Rico, teams competed in Outboard and Inboard Divisions, for most billfish release points and for combined weight of a team’s three single heaviest gamefish (dorado, king mackerel, tuna and wahoo), brought to the scales over two days of fishing. Here are the highlights from the two days of competition:

Billfish Outboard

In the outboard billfish division, it was team Tatonka with Captain Daviel Molina and female angler Yecenia Olivares that stole the show. While an experienced angler, Yecenia had never caught a billfish before in her life and was fishing in her first blue water tournament. Bites were scarce but the team made theirs count, releasing a sailfish and a blue marlin on day one and a single blue marlin on day two, earning them top billfish honors overall. Yecenia’s first three billfish releases garnered her not only top team accolades, but Top Overall Angler and Top Female angler trophies and the beautiful Pelagic custom Fender guitar that goes to all our overall champions in each of our tournaments. Congratulations to team Tatonka and Yecenia Olivares on a hard-earned overall victory.

2nd place in the outboard billfish division went to yet another lady angler. It was team Amelia and Captain Hector Santiago, with angler Anna Alecia and their 2 blue marlin releases finishing just 50 points behind Tatonka. Great job by this team and fantastic to see the lady’s going toe to toe with the men and beating them.

Finishing out the top three in the outboard billfish division was Team Melaza and Captain Fernando Guzman in 3rd, with a single sailfish release. Congratulations to these top three teams for sticking it out and capitalizing on your bites in challenging conditions.

Gamefish Outboard

In the outboard gamefish division it was Team Game Day – Magic 97.3 taking top honors for their combined weight of a 33 Lb Yellowfin Tuna, a 19 LB King Mackerel and a 17.80 LB King Mackerel for a total of 69.80 LBS and 1st place gamefish division trophy. They also scored a day one, three fish aggregate optional jackpot win, with three King Mackerel totaling 53.20 Lbs. A special thank you to this team for bringing the Magic 97.3 truck to the event and supplying us with the tunes in between our live band performances.

2nd place outboard gamefish division went to Amsoil Fishing Team and Captain Alberto Jimenz. Just 3 LBS shy of first place with a 37.4 LB Tuna, a 14 .8 LB Dorado and a 14.8 LB King Mackerel totaling 67 LBS. This team also scored a day 1 daily tuna jackpot with their 37.4 LB Yellow Fin and took home Top Jr. Angler honors for Diego Luna and his Dorado.

Rounding out the outboard gamefish division in 3rd place was the 32 Contender Moni Fishing Team with Captain Jose Diaz and their 57.4 LB total consisting of a 32.8 LB yellow fin tuna, a 12. 6 LB tuna and a 12 LB tuna to take the 3rd place trophy.

Billfish Inboard

Only one team scored billfish release points in the inboard division. It was the 54 Viking, Wet Dream with Captain Jesus Chuco Vela taking the inboard billfish release title for Angler Gustavo Lucke. Lucke released two blue marlin for 1st place team and Top overall Angler in the division, while also sweeping the optional daily billfish jackpots. This team also finished in 3rd place in the outboard gamefish division with a 21.2 LB Wahoo, and a 19 LB Wahoo for a total of 40.2 LBS.

Gamefish Inboard

1st place inboard gamefish title went to Team ANTOJO for their combination of a 24.6 LB Wahoo, A 15.6 LB King Mackerel and a 15.4 LB King Mackerel totaling 55.6 LBS. This group definitely puts the PR in party and it was a great pleasure having them participate so enthusiastically. The team also won a day 1 daily tuna jackpot for their 10.6 pound Blackfin tuna, proving it is always wise to weigh any eligible fish. With a 10 LB minimum weight requirement, this fish just made the weight & it paid off for the team.

2nd place gamefish inboard division was won by the 48 Viking Fishing Time. One of the classiest teams in the fleet, their 51.6 LB tuna was the largest single fished weighed in the tournament overall and enough for a daily tuna jackpot and 2nd overall while also giving angler Anamarie Fortiza Top Female Angler honors, Inboard Division, for her beautiful yellowfin tuna.

3rd place team in inboard gamefish mentioned above as they also were 1st in the billfish division, Wet Dream.

Top Team Stats billfish:

  • 1st place outboard billfish release division and overall champions: Team Tatonka with 2 blue marlin and 1 sailfish for 650 points
  • 2nd place outboard billfish release division: Team Amelia with 2 blue marlin for 600 points
  • 3rd place outboard billfish release division: Team Melaza with 1 sailfish for 50 points
  • 1st place inboard billfish release division: Team Wet Dream with 2 blue marlin for 600 points

Top Team Stats gamefish:

  • 1st place outboard gamefish division: Team Game Day/Magic 97.3, total weight 69.80 pounds
  • 2nd place outboard gamefish division: Amsoil Fishing Team, total weight 67 pounds
  • 3rd place outboard gamefish division: Moni Fishing Team, total weight 57.4 pounds
  • 1st place inboard gamefish division: Team ANTOJO, total weight 55.6 pounds
  • 2nd place inboard gamefish division: Team Fishing Time, total weight 51.6 pounds
  • 3rd place inboard gamefish division: Team Wet Dream, total weight 40.2 pounds

Top Angler Stats:

  • Top overall Angler, Top Female Angler outboard division: Yecenia Oliveras, Team Tatonka
  • Top overall Angler inboard division: Gustavo Lucke, Team Wet Dream
  • Top Female Angler inboard division: Anamarie Fortiza, Team Fishing Time
  • Top Jr. Angler: Diego Luna, Amsoil Fishing Team

Thank you to all the teams, anglers, their families, and our sponsors for participating in this inaugural Pelagic Puerto Rico Offshore Fishing Tournament. We are so grateful for your hospitality, kindness, advice and passion for fishing and the ocean. We look forward to growing the tournament and seeing you all again next year!