Waterman's Journal

Apr 27, 2022


This year PELAGIC is celebrating our 20th year in business… That’s 20 years of producing the best fishing gear on the market, and 20 years of travelling the world fishing the best spots on the planet with the best Captains and Crews the world has to offer! To celebrate our authentic roots, fishing heritage, and to tip our hats to the PELAGIC PRO TEAM, we have produced a 20th anniversary video series that will take you on the ultimate fishing adventure around the world. Huge THANK YOU to our loyal fans and the entire PELAGIC FAMILY – what an amazing journey the past 20 years have been… and we can’t wait to see what the NEXT 20 years will bring!!! IN THIS EPISODE: We take you to “Cowtown” Puerto Vallarta, Mexico fishing for giant yellowfin tunas at the famed El Banco and Roca Corbetania… Then we venture to Pinas Bay, Panama living-aboard the world famous Mothership Madam live-baiting for black marlin on Zane Grey Reef... Finally, we head over to Cape Verde, Africa where we stumble upon an incredible world-class Atlantic blue marlin fishery that has now become one of the best fishing spots on the planet... Stay tuned for more installments of our 20th anniversary video series...