Waterman's Journal

Aug 29, 2011

North Summer Dreams

Capt Josh Temple

Pelagic Pro Team's Capt. Josh Temple has once again been a very busy man in the great north this summer. Whether with friends or family, he has been on the constant pursuit of Salmon , Halibut , Steelhead , and just about every other cold water game fish Canada has to offer.

Before heading back to Mexico to hunt down cow Yellowfin, he is giving it all he has at taking advantage of B.C.'s great summer fishing. The Steelhead bite has been insane and Josh even took a 'float plane' with the young'uns for a desolate adventure not soon to be forgotten. Among the various adventures crammed in the last few weeks, Josh has been hunting for a monster Salmon all season. While paying his dues he was finally able to go out there solo on a short morning run and catch a 47lb beast!!!! "I haven't caught a salmon like that for myself in a long, long time!!!"

Once again, if it is true when they say pictures are worth a thousand words, then this pictorial could write a book. Capt Josh continues to keep us all in absolute awe by capturing the majestic scenerey and art of sportsmanship in the world of angling. In addition, Josh continues to provide everlasting memories for the kids that enjoy and appreciate the adventures as much as us!

Here are a few photos Josh has been happy to share with the Waterman's Journal ...