Waterman's Journal

Nov 10, 2016

Miami's HellREYzer: Sailfish, PelagicGIRLS and More


Our whole mantra here at PELAGIC is about living and breathing the ocean lifestyle, and our entire Pro Team across the globe embodies that same desire. We love to see and share great experiences from all over the world!

Below is an awesome photo montage from a recent trip out of Miami. PELAGIC Pro Team Capt. JC Cleare invited a few of our PELAGIC Girls, Christina Cerrone and Amber Marchant, out for a fun day chasing sailfish, mahi and tuna aboard the 60’ Spencer hellREYzer. The South Florida seas did not disappoint and the girls enjoyed a stellar day of fishing and good times. Enjoy!

Photos by Hunter Ledbetter (@keywestphotog)

Kite [The crew readies the kites for deployment aboard hellREYzer . When the wind is not quite up enough to get the kites going on their own, a helium balloon is used to get them into action.]

Sail [PelagicGIRL Christina Cerrone prepares to release a beautiful sailfish after a few quick photos.]

JCcleare [PELAGIC Pro Team Capt. JC Cleare has been plying these South Florida waters for most of his life and specialzes in targeting sailfish and other offshore gamefish. || photo by Steve Dougherty]

Girls [PelagicGIRLS Christina and Amber show off the Americamo and Dorado bikinis.]

spread [A birds eye view of the cockpit and spread behind hellREYzer .]

doubledodos [The girls display the end result of a double hookup - a brace of cow mahi.]

underwatersail1 [Nothing like capturing such a graceful species of fish in their underwater element.]

underwatersail2 [Another underwater look at one of a handful of sailfish caught this trip.]

ambermahi [PelagicGIRL Amber Marchant was definitely matching the catch for this image.]

jumpingsail [Photographer Hunter Ledbetter gets super tight to a breaching sailfish.]

christinatuna [The Team spent part of the day trolling in addition to flying the kites, and were rewarded with a few blackfin tuna for the table before heading in.]