Waterman's Journal

Jul 01, 2014

Hail to the Chief: Blue Marlin World Record

A new single-season blue marlin release record has been set by Capt. Josh Temple and the _Carol Libby crew_

Pelagic and The Waterman’s Journal would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Pelagic Pro Team Captain Josh Temple and the entire crew aboard the 60’ SpAmerican Carol Libby for their recent setting of a new blue marlin release world record for a single year!

Here’s the note we received from Capt. Josh after breaking the record and returning to the team’s homeport of Los Sueños, Costa Rica:

“Well, we did it!!! Here are the details from the past 3 days: June 25th - released 10 for 13 blue marlin; June 26th - 12 for 21; and June 27th - 7 for 10. We officially broke the record on June 26th, 2014 when we eclipsed 422 releases (the previous record).

“Thanks to each and every one of you for the support you have shown our team over the years, we couldn't do it without you!!!!! We still have a ton of fishing left to do before this year is over, so Lord only knows where we go from here!!!!”

Here are some details from the team’s season totals thus far:

BOAT : Carol Libby - 60' SpAmerican (Hybrid Spencer and American Custom Yachts)
DAYS FISHED : 61 (February - June 2014)
HOME PORT : Los Sueños, Costa Rica
METHODS USED : Bait and switch, lures, live bait
BITES : 614
OFFICIAL RELEASES : 430 (and counting!!!)

Below: Team Carol Libby - Left to right: Deckhand Tony Carpenter, Angler Keith Brandner, Captain Josh Temple, Deckhand Andrea McQuade, Deck Boss James Brown, Owner/Angler Mr. Greg Brandner.

Below: The official tag and release of _Carol Libby'_s record-breaking 423 blue marlin release in one year.

Below : Deck Boss James Brown and Deckhand Tony Carpenter moments after the 423rd release.


Below : Call of the wildman... Capt. Josh Temple celebrates the release record, headdress and all...


Below: Deckhand Andrea McQuade holds the official release sign aloft.


Below: A hot blue marlin torches the flat calm Pacific.


Below: Celebrating in style - Deckhand Andrea McQuade with a bottle of Dom for the occasion.

Below :1 of 423 blue marlin released by Team Carol Libby .


Below : Capt. Josh Temple pops the bubbly.


July 1, 2014 - FLASH UPDATE! __Only days after breaking the single-season blue marlin release record, Capt. Josh called in from the satellite phone to let us know they just released an incredible 34 blue marlin in a single DAY of fishing!!!

July 3, 2014 - FLASH UPDATE! Capt. Josh just called in 27 blue marlin releases in a single day! That brings their year total to 503!!!