Waterman's Journal

Mar 05, 2009

Going Coastal…

Above: PELAGIC Pro Team Captain Marlon Holden takes time off from chasing marlin and tuna, only to have a blast catching White Seabass on light tackle.

03.09 - GOING COASTAL...

You don't always have to run way offshore just to have a good time...

In fact, many seasoned skippers will even argue that some inshore or coastal gamefish species actually fight harder "pound for pound" than their offshore counterparts... Either way, its safe to asume that just about every man on the planet that considers himself a true sportsman has felt the utterly exciting yet indescribable feeling of being HOOKED UP in a well matched battle of man versus gamefish on light tackle.

Take a look below at some recent highlights from the boys on the PELAGIC Pro Team and judge for yourself... from the looks of things, the coastal and inshore fishing scene is blowing up all over the nation, from California to Florida, to Texas, and everywhere in between...

Below: PELAGIC Pro Team Captain Adam Cargill with a fat Pargo caught on light tackle off the coast of PV Mexico.

Below: PELAGIC Pro Team Antonello Cuomo of Italy, checks in with a few nice gamefish that he and his crew encountered while filming "FISH ON", an Italian sportfishing TV series.

Below: PELAGIC Pro Team Kevin Mattson with a fat Calico Bass caught off the coast of Southern California.

Below: grouper. photo courtesy Doug Olander, Sportfishing Magazine.

Below: PELAGIC Pro Team Eric "OZ" Ozilons with a huge Goliath Grouper he caught and released from the surf.

Below: PELAGIC Pro Team Captain Mike Arujo takes time off from catching billfish to have some fun with some snappers on light tackle. Said Arujo "...and they taste great too!"