Waterman's Journal

Aug 26, 2009

Everglades Hot Water Action


Location: Everglades National Park, Florida

PELAGIC Pro Team Captain Benny Blanco checks back in with The Journal to give us an update on Florida's inshore action down in the Everglades. With the water temps sharply rising to dangerous territory for the fish, Capt Benny still seeks out an array of healthy Redfish in the shallows.

Capt. Benny Reports in...

Dangerously Hot
With water temperatures exceeding the mid 90 degree mark on the flats, it can be stressing on the anglers and even more stressing on the fish. High temps mean low oxygen, which pushes Snook toward deeper water and slows the Reds down slightly. Keeping this in mind is half the battle when formulating a game plan for the day. It is also critical to understand we must handle hot water fish with extreme caution... releasing them as quickly as possible and preferably, avoid removing them from the water all together. Personally, I have skipped picture taking when handling hot water fish and spend a little extra time with the revival.

Nicole's School Work
Jon-Erik Escribano was back, but this time he brought his better half for a little schooling. Nicole's fishing history was limited, but she was eager to learn. After many missed opportunities, we found a large school of Redfish willing to help with her lesson. It was not long before her drag was screaming and another fisherwoman was hooked for life.

The school was at least 200 hundred fish deep…

Nicole's first... Congrats!

Look at the color of this fish!

Last week I was visited by Matt Kelly and his son Patrick again, but this time, Redfish on fly was their mission. Patrick struck first with a perfectly placed shot to a group of tailing Reds... you would never know he first picked up a fly rod last November. He already has several Snook and Large Tarpon to his credit... and now, tailing Redfish.

Then, Dad got in on the action... before the storms blew us out of town.

In true end of Summer fashion the Redfish, Snook and Tarpon have been out in full force. The crazy thing is it all usually continues to get better and better until those cold fronts start rolling in at the end of Fall. I can hardly imagine it getting any better than it is right now. This is certainly the time of year for fly fisherman and any hardcore sight fisherman... the sky is the limit.

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