Waterman's Journal

Oct 06, 2009

Capt. Josh Temple Unleashed: Isolated Surf Journey

I knew we were on to something when 3X world surfing champion Tom Curren showed up. We'd only just recently "discovered" our world class right hand reef pass, PELAGIC POINT, but obviously word in the surfing world was traveling quickly.

I picked up Tom and his two sons, Pat and Frank, at the airport. With them were pro surfer Josh Mulcoy and a staff photog from Surfer Magazine. Rip Curl was picking up the tab for the week of surfing and fishing ahead, so like always, when somebody gives me a blank check and little or no instruction i let the madness out in a large and messy way.

We loaded up the Maximo and headed to our veritably private offshore island chain. We magically garnered annual permits to visit the islands, which are normally OFF LIMITS to everyone, and since the ink went dry on the Federal Mexican Authorization forms we've been living large ever since.

I can't describe what it's like to have something like these islands at your private disposal. In the year and a half since we've been making trips out there we've uncovered a wealth of pelagic treasure - both above and below the water.

Waves like this one exist in every surfer's dreams. In Tom Curren's case, and ours, it's certainly a blessing to see dreams like these eventually come true.

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