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Oct 17, 2009

Canada - Nova Scotia's Giant Bluefin Tuna

Nova Scotia's Giant Bluefin Tuna !

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Pelagic Pro Team Captain James "Chuy" Roberts checks in with an incredible photo report from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Chuy has been regarded as one of the true Big-Game Masters of his time. With countless monsters to his credit, he has caught probably more grander Marlin than anyone alive on the planet. It is here in Nova Scotia, where he and his crew have battled some of the largest Tuna on earth. We are pleased to have Chuy share with the Waterman's Journal some photos of nature's supreme tuna beasts that they have encountered on their recent outting.

Below: Cool nutrient rich waters rise up the Atlantic coast of the US and follow along Canada's Nova Scotia coast..

Nova Scotia !

Nova Scotia is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The weather climate can be beautiful and rewarding or be some of the harshest on the planet. Sable Island is known for its historical shipwrecks. Since the birth of the region, the economy had revolved around fishing, mainly Cod and Swordfish. But perhaps one of Nova Scotia's biggest secrets to the sportfishing world is their Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Bluefin Tuna !

Bluefin Tuna Thunnus thynnus , are the largest of the Tuna Species, and also some of the larget fish on the planet exceeding 1000lbs. They are true powerhouse predators and among the strongest, fastest fish in the sea. They are highly regarded as both sushi and table fare. Bluefin Tuna in prime condition have fetched values in excess of $100,000 on a common basis. Unfortunately their desire has led to vast overfishing worldwide. Having the chance to being able to even fight one is a great reward in itself. Giant Bluefin Tuna are currently on the endanged species list in the Atlantic and great efforts are being made to help replenish their stocks over time.

Here are some awesome photos from Chuy and his guys from his recent adventure.

Below: Hooked up in the early morning hours, it is bound to be an enduring battle with a large Bluefin

Below: As seen on sonar, Giant Bluefin Tuna stand out as the finder picks detects them by their massive size.

Below: Battling it out with Bluefin take a great deal of patience, physical ability, and absolute team work.

Below: A massive Bluefin is leadered alongside the boat.

Below: Three beastly Bluefin have been conquered by Capt. Chuy and his team!

Below: 800lbs of raw power, predation, and wholesome sushi goodness.

Below: The massive tail/keel being displayed from a butched Bluefin.

Below: Canada's Paradise!

The Waterman's Journal would like to thank Chuy once again on his continuing effort at reigning as the supreme Bluefin Badass!

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