Waterman's Journal

Jan 14, 2009



Location: Southern California

PELAGIC PRO TEAM Freediver Stevo Castro serves up a nice photo report from Southern California. Looks like he had another epic season with a mixed bag of spearfishing delight... and some nice lobsters too!

Below: Stevo busts out a fat white seabass during competition in the annual Blue Water Meet at Catalina Island, Ca.

Below: Stevo with a nice yellowtail he speared off san Clemente Island, Ca.

Below: Stevo with a big fat "billygoat" also known as a sheepshead.

Below: Stevo does it again! Making a difficult task look easy... here he is with another white sea bass he speared just outside the kelpline off Catalina Island, California. Said Stevo "We were out there fishing with rod and reel all day long and the fish were there but just not biting... so just before sunset, I decided to jump in with my speargun... I nailed one right away."

PELAGIC PRO TEAM Freediver Stevo Castro made a few night dives recently in the waters of Newport Beach, California. "We got some fat bugs (lobsters) the other night... those pelagic gloves are great - they saved my hands from becoming meatloaf... thanks!"

Below: Stevo holds up a nice one for the camera.