Waterman's Journal

Oct 04, 2023

Bluefin Tuna Fishing: Captain Tyler Kapela's Quest for a West Coast Trophy


For the past decade, the bluefin tuna fishing off Southern California has been as good as it gets. Fish from 20 to well-over 200 lbs are caught regularly as they gorge themselves on massive schools of baitfish. Join us as Pelagic Pro Team Captain Tyler Kapela leaves his home waters of Tampa Bay and heads out west in search of big bluefin, using heavy spinning tackle and topwater lures.

Running out to the zone on a beautiful Southern California day.

Tyler's tackle: Rod - Indian Pacific GT Tamer PE 8-10 || Reel - Shimano Stella 18k || Cast Lures 120 OG topwater bait

A massive school of baitfish getting pummeled by bluefin tuna.

A perfectly placed cast = successful hookup on a big bluefin tuna.

A sweet reward after a hard fought battle.

The Cast Lures 120 "OG" topwater bait worked its magic!

The biggest bluefin tuna of the trip at 191 lbs dressed out.