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May 21, 2010

Billfishing's Undisputed Ironman: Brad Philipps

Brad Philipps - Billfishing's Ironman accomplishes incredible feat ...

Pelagic and The Waterman's Journal would like to give a special congratulations to Capt. Brad Philipps on his epic billfish milestone of 20,000 ! To fathom that number of billfish, or fish alone for that matter by any individual is simply amazing by any stretch of the imagination. Congrats to Brad on 20K, and many more to come!!!

Capt Brad Philipps

Captain Philipps has fished around the globe at some of the top destinations in the world throughout his entire life. His accolades are a result of earned knowledge and hard work. For the past 9 years, Brad has claimed Guatemala as his home stomping grounds. He has reached the uncanny feat of 20,000 billfish , which averages to a mind boggling 15 releases a day!!! In 2008, Marlin Magazine bestowed Philipps with the honor of ' Captain of the Year '. Brad has broken his own World Record several times for the most billfish releases in a single year, and in 2004 had a record shattering 2759 releases .

Below: A Sailfish breaches the surface at the leader...

Guatemalan Bilfishing Adventures

Capt. Philipps has run the Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures for the past several years with his wife Cindy and they have hand and hand created one of the most successful and sought after billfish operations in the world today. Being regarded as one of the best captains in the world, Philipps presents clients with a chance of a lifetime on the water, and 5 Star accomodations back on land to boot.

Below: A large Black Marlin takes to the air...

Below: Captain Philipps puts Don on a Black Marlin of a lifetime..

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is a prime location for many species of fish. Warm inshore waters off the coast hit coldwater upwellings producing nutrient rich currents that in return allow for a substantial marine food chain. Within this food chain are everything from tiny anchovies and sardines to the largest predators, the Billfish and Sharks. While Sharks have been fished out over the past few decades, the Marlin take form as the region's apex predator. The largest of Black and Blue Marlin feed on the dorado and tuna, which in return are actively feeding on the smaller more predominant baitfish.

Below: An aerial Marlin takes to the air

Below: An acrobatic Sailfish is inverted in flight...

Land of Giants and Giant Awards

Capt Brad Philipps has been awarded The Billfish Foundations prestigious Release Captain of the Year Award, and Sailfish Release Captain of the Year Award, for the past 6 years in a row, and also the Pacific Blue Marlin Release Captain of the Year in 2008. Together with his highly experienced mates, Kennedy (who was named Marlin Magazines 2008 Mate of the Year ) and Danillo , Capt. Brad brings to this exceptional boat his friendly personality, unmistakable mix of attributes, the promise of uncompromising service, a willingness to share their knowledge, years of experience on these waters and a professionally tested crew with a contagious passion for the game that one will find hard to match anywhere.

Below: A submarine Black Marlin launches out of the water..

Below: Releasing an massive Apex Predator

Adventurous Lifestyle

Cindy Philipps has years of experience in the Guatemala sport fishing, hotel and culinary trades. Cindy brings to the exclusive lodging and booking side of this operation her unparalleled efficiency, personal supervision and unmistakable Guatemalan hospitality. Together with their professional lodging staff and full-time driver, this operation will personally handle every detail of your trip, to ensure that your stay on land is as unforgettable as the time spent offshore.

Below: Headshakes of a Giant

Below: Prepped for tag and release

Proudly Representing the Sport of Big Game Fishing

For Philipps, who was named as PELAGIC Pro Team's CAPTAIN OF THE YEAR in 2003, the numbers are simply mind boggling, with several world records and over two-thousand billfish released annually for his clients over the past few years. With his top of the line charterboat DECISIVE , combined with the first class hospitality and accomodations at Philipps own creation "The Billfish Inn" guests are assured not only a world-class fishing trip, but also a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime...

Below: Releasing one of MANY sailfish on this particular day off the waters of Guatemala ...

Below: The great and professional personality of one of the top Captains on the Planet...

For more information on Guatemala or to fish with Captain Brad Philipps , check out www.GuatBillAdv.com or simply click below: