Waterman's Journal

Sep 02, 2016

The Best of Pelagic - August 2016

As summer begins to wind down (say what?!?), the fishing certainly has not...

Along the Pacific Seaboard from Southern California to Cabo San Lucas on the tip of Baja, Mexico, large tuna of multiple varieties are the pinnacle of this red-hot offshore action. From large Pacific Bluefin in SoCAL to true "cow-sized" Yellowfin off Cabo, there is some incredible fishing to be had should you choose to head west.

Worldwide, there seems to be incredible marlin fishing headlining the social media feeds. Places like Cape Verde Islands [Africa], The Azores, Kona [Hawaii], The Outer Banks [North Carolina], and The Gulf of Mexico continue to produce, not just quality fish, but a great quantity of marlin catches. This certainly bodes well for a healthy global billfish fishery, as we are seeing great numbers of releases posted by the best sport boat captains in the world.

Now we're into September... typically a month where Giant Bluefin Tuna appear in the shallow waters of Nova Scotia, PEI, and the Canadian Maritimes; and the month the annual Giant Black Marlin migration commences off Australia's famed Great Barrier Reef. We look forward to bringing you some great content in our social media feeds over the course of the next few weeks, provided by none other than the PELAGIC Pro Team.

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