Waterman's Journal

Apr 30, 2010

A Worldwide Looking into the Fishery of the Brilliant Dorado

Dorado (also known as Dolphin and Mahi) will forever be one of the worlds most efficient marine species. They are found in ALL tropical and sup-tropical waters around the globe. They have an extremely fast growth-rate, and are recognized as one of the most beautiful and impressive gamefish in the world. It is because of this that they are highly targetted by sportfishermen. Their table fare also remains on the top of the list as well. As long as our oceans have a continual supply of food for these fast replenishing species, then future generations shall be able to share the fun in hooking up with an aerial Mahi. Some of the hottest fishing destinations in the world have a present population of Mahi.

Lets take a look into some the great hotspots around the world where you may encouter these beautiful majestic predators...


In South-Central Africa where the Atlantic Ocean meets the coast reside the Republic of Angola. The coastal habitat present allows for a great variety of Pelagic and non-Pelagic fish along its great and lengthy coast. Large beautiful Dorado and vicious Silver King Tarpon can easily be caught in the same day. Overall these waters contain a fantastic fishery, despite mass commercial fishing both foreign and domestic. Angola is a sport-fishermans dream come true for many of the top species in the world, and in particular the Dorado.

Here, the FlyCastaway crew takes advantage of these fruitful waters teasing, hooking, and jumping the vibrant Mahi all on fly.

Below: Gerhard displays a contrasting Dorado he fooled on a fly...

Below: Arno lands his big Mahi...

Below: Keith gets into the action himself with an epic Do-do

Angola is not the only place in the world where you can find killer Mahi action. Off the coast of Guatemal remains a superb fishery of their own...

Guatemala's Pacific Coast has rapidly become one of the hottest billfish destinations in the world, it also has great fishery of other sought after pelagics, including Dorado. One of central america's leading sportfishing destinations, Guatemala has a superb ecosystem right along the coast.

While on the pursuit for Sailfish, Capt Brad Philipps will often hook up with some grander Bull Dorado.

Below: A lit up Bull

On days, these beautifully saturated fish can be abundant and at times are often kept for their phenomenal tablefare.

Below: This Mahi gets iced and will make a fantastic dinner.

Back in Africa, Kenya is another well known spot is the target for the dominant Mahi ...

Kenya is and will always remain one of the top big-game destinations in the entire world, both land and sea. It is one of the true placest on earth where you can find an untainted ecosystem where wildlife and natures marine predators flourish. It is here that the FlyCastaway crew has chosen to test their skill with a variety of Pelagics.

Fooling a Mahi into taking a fly can be both tricky or easy. They are very curious fish and will inspect many baits presented. If it moderately mimics a present bait source, then a Mahi will often take a lure or fly you throw in front of them. It takes great skill and patience to not only hook a flying Dorado, but to land it.

Below: Hardie hooks up on a large Mahi

Below: Hardie rocks out a pose with a killer Mahi

A little closer to home, you can find a fantastic fishery for Dorado on our Atlantic Coast along with the Gulf of Mexico. We now take a journey off the coast of Florida with world renowned spearfisher Sheri Daye.

The warm waters off south Florida's Atlantic coast in combination with currents and deep water help provide for some of the best action in an otherwise very populated area. Just over 20 miles from the popular Miami, Ft Lauderdale has a rich culture and history of its own. The city is a major yachting center, with 42,000 resident yachts and 100 marinas and boatyards to stake its claim. However, despite the grand tourism and marketplace catering to so many genres, it is hard to comprehend the possibility of it also being a leading offshore destination in Florida. Along with the Gulf of Mexico, Sargassum Seaweed stacks up along rips and is home to many baitfish, which in return holds very interested Dorado .

Throughout the past decades, spearfishing has taken shape. Advances in gear have helped propel this sport making it safer and more practical in certain situations that previously thought.

Below: Sheri Daye is in her natural element...

Below: After seeing a school of Mahi , Sheri takes advantage and jumps in...

One of the world's top female spearfishermen, Sheri has been to some of the top destinations on the globe and has encountered many marine predators face to face. Sheri also does a fantastic job of promoting responsible spearfishing, which in essense is the act of responsibly shooting only what you need, and not over-harvesting or wasting. Sheri has her very own show callled ' Speargun Hunter ' and travels over great distances and epic waters to share her underwater adventures with us.

Florida is her home stomping ground and Sheri happily takes full advantage of the great weather throughout most of the year. Many, many species are present off Florida's coast and of these are none other than the Dorado.

Below: Sheri Poses with a quality Mahi by way of Speargun...

Our final voyage into the worldwide look of the Mahi-Mahi bring us back to Central America. Costa Rica is and always has been an offshore super spot for many fish, both Atlantic and Pacific. The offshore fishery is top-notch and just about all major pelagics are found off the respective coasts.

Billfish are not the only hot ticket in Costa Rica... Dorado thrive in these waters year-round.

Below: A tasty Mahi hits the deck

Below: A Grander Costa-Rican Bull Dolphin is being held up.

Dorado , like so many other gamefish in our oceans, play a vital role in everything from the ecosystem, to the sport of big game fishing, and even to the economy of various countries. It is important for us to admire these beautiful fish and acknowledge the conservation effort we must put in to maintain this great and thriving fishery. With their athletic jumps and energetic behavior, the Dorado will always rank as one of the most respected species of fish in our oceans.

Thank you for taking a look with the Waterman's Journal into the world of the marvelous Dorado . Check back with new future issues for more detailed looks into the great sportfish that inhabit our oceans.