Waterman's Journal

Jul 27, 2011

A Pictorial of Madness


There are special times when Anglers and/or Captains may be in the right place at the right time to witness an amazing spectacle on the water. A prime example is when Pelagic Pro Team's Capt. Josh Temple and crew were out of Puerto Vallarta and witnessed non-stop surface action from Yellowfin Tuna as they crushed flyingfish and ballyhoo.

Josh writes...

"Absolutely incredible fishing yesterday for as many tunas as you wanted. I found an area with a massive floating debris line full of bait, tuna, and marlin 10 miles SW of the Banco yesterday. It pays off to stay in the gyro's once again. Nailed a nice blue marlin and too many tunas to count. As the pics attest, it was one hell of a show out there. 5 acres of tuna erupting in all directions on ballyhoo and flyers for several hours straight. Insane."

With that being said, the Waterman's Journal is happy to bring you a very special pictorial of the rocket launching Tuna chaos that pursued courtesy of Josh himself.

These incredible pictures say it all...

For more information on fishing with Captain Josh Temple, go to Primetimeadv.com or click below...