Kevin Mattson

Hometown: San Deigo, CA
Locations: Southern California, Baja, South America
Vessel: 17' Ranger Fisherman AKA "The GlitterBoat"

Kevin Mattson is a true outdoorsman.  Living in San Diego, Kevin is well-known in Southern California for his feats both in the ocean and in the lakes. During California's recent El Nino, Kevin took out his freshwater bass boat to chase blue marlin and wahoo that had never before been documented in CA State waters.  In true "Old Man and the Sea" fashion, Kevin hooked a giant blue marlin that he battled on his skiff for hours on end and into the night, where the fish, unfortunately, died during the battle, allowing Kevin to bring his fish in to weigh at over 300 lbs.  Kevin also represents Pelagic as chartermaster aboard the famous long-range vessel EXCEL, chasing "cow" yellowfin tuna.


Accomplishments:  300-lb-plus blue marlin solo from his 17’ freshwater bass boat.