Capt. Johnston McCurry

Hometown: Summerville, SC
Locations: Charleston, SC
Vessel: 45’ SeaHunter, 35’ Everglades, 24’ Blazer Bay
Captain Johnston McCurry is a native to the Charleston, SC area where he began fishing at the early age of 4 years old, catching his first billfish when he was just 13. At only 27 years old, Captain Johnston has successfully started the largest charter fishing company in South Carolina, 4 Sons Charters, where he owns and operates a 45’ SeaHunter personally, and his additional Captains run a 35’ Everglades and a 24’ Blazer Bay. Captain Johnston competes yearly in offshore fishing tournaments, and his charter company runs 200+ charters during the season. Whether it’s raising a sailfish in the deep blue or putting his anglers on the meat fish, Captain Johnston is incredibly passionate about ensuring a successful day on the water.