• Custom 50 3/4
  • Custom 50 3/4
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Custom 50 3/4" Dredge Rod


  • 50 3/4" Dredge Rod
  • Non-Slip X-Grip
  • Winthrop Dredge/Kite Top Guide
  • Precision Terminator Transforming Rod Butt for Straight or Bent Butt Configuration


Applicable for all dredge fishing applications targeting offshore gamefish. Ideal for quick deployment and recovery of dredges, teasers, and planers. The 50 3/4" Pelagic Dorado Green Dredge Rod can be used with standard conventional or electric reels, these rods keep your teaser lines away from your main lines and are easy to store once lines have been cleared.


Designed and built based on specific input from Pelagic Pro Team captains and crews around the world, this product is the result of many years of research and development, and rigorous on-the-water testing.


Made in the USA.