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Vaportek Covert

Hooded Fishing Shirt

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Vaportek Covert

Hooded Fishing Shirt

The NEW Vaportek Covert features an integrated face mask, full length fine-mesh vented panels which allow for optimal airflow to pass through the lightweight fabric and a hood for added protection. Built for beating the heat and humidity, this long sleeve is our go-to in tropical conditions.

  • Integrated face mask
  • Side and pit venting
  • Most ventilated performance shirt
  • Made with the lightest weight polyester material

Material: 100% Polyester

50+ UPF Protection

Ultimate protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Water and Stain Repellent

Prevents absorption of liquids and reduces staining.

Vented For Air Flow and Cooling

Articulated venting to promote airflow to key cooling areas.

Ultra Light Fabric

Our lightest weight proprietary featherweight fabric.