Waterman's Journal

Aug 19, 2021

SoCAL BLUEFIN TUNA EXPLOSION! Foaming Schools of 200-lb. Tuna!

The sheer volume of Pacific Bluefin Tuna off the Southern California coast right now is simply mind-blowing. Local anglers have been treated to some truly epic days on the water, with foaming masses of size-large tuna as far as the eye can see. Reminiscent of centuries past and dating back to the days of Zane Grey, this cycle of bluefin in California state waters has been building gradually over recent years with this season’s explosion the best yet and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.. On many occasions, boats haven’t had to travel far to get into the action, with fish being caught as close as a half mile off the beach or hailing port.⁠

We recently joined Pelagic Pro Team Captain Evan Salvay for a day of chasing frothing schools of bluefin tuna, connecting on multiple opportunities with fish ranging from 150-220 lbs. Join us as we captured some incredible, adrenaline-inducing footage of what is arguably THE hottest tuna fishery on the planet right now!⁠