Waterman's Journal

Oct 11, 2016

The Girls of Pelagic


As PELAGIC has grown and evolved over the years, we’ve kept a keen eye on the popularity and the rise of women playing a major role in the ocean sports industry. The sheer quantity of women involved in fishing, diving, surfing, and watersports is exciting to see, to say the least!

The PELAGIC women’s line of products was designed and created for all women who love to fish, dive, surf, and simply spend time on the water. Below are the ladies who represent PELAGIC, all of which truly live, breathe, and embody the ocean lifestyle. Check them out and get to know our PELAGIC Girls!

Alysha Aratari

Kingfish_Alysha Aratari_PelagicGIRL

Growing up in Southwest Florida, Alysha was surrounded by water so it is no surprise that she started fishing at a very young age. She began targeting Snook, Tarpon and Redfish - these were more than enough to spark the fire. Fishing was just something that she accidentally fell in love with; it’s not an escape for her, but where she belongs.

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Cheyenne Lee


Being raised in Stuart, Florida, Cheyenne was exposed to an array of outdoor activities at a very young age. Coming from a family who loves to be on the water, it is no surprise that Cheyenne has adopted that same love. She grew up learning to fish and dive, which gave her the confidence to be comfortable in and under the water. Cheyenne was able to hone in her diving skills over the course of her childhood and now has the ability to free-dive to 65 ft comfortably and shoot fish.

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Lauren Cheshier


Florida native, Lauren Cheshire enjoys being outdoors and all the activities that go along with being an avid outdoorswoman. She currently lives and fishes out of Pompano Beach Florida, but frequents her second home in the Bahamas where she is able to enjoy the pristine waters. Lauren is passionate about diving and spearfishing, and where better to fulfil that passion than in the Bahamas, which are home to large numbers of wahoo and tuna.

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Christina Cerrone


South Florida native, Christina Cerrone is a fishing fanatic! She is constantly on the water, either fishing or diving. She is not only a mermaid at heart; she is an active college student pursuing her degree in Nursing and Marketing. If she’s not fishing in the Bahamas, Christina is just five miles off Hillsboro Inlet catching Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo and Kingfish.

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Sara Maria


Sara is a Panama native living in Florida. She grew up fishing wherever she could and now has a passion fishing from a kayak. She loves the added challenge and thrill that fishing from a kayak offers. She has battled everything from sharks to 200-lb. grouper from her kayak!

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Michelle Clavette


Michelle is a 26-year-old Florida native, currently living in Lighthouse Point. If she's not on the water fishing, she's dreaming about it. When she was six years old, she caught her first catfish in the canals behind her home and she’s been hooked since.

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Sara Stancyzk


Sara is a born and raised "conch" or Florida Keys native, and currently resides in Islamorada with husband Pelagic Pro Team Member Nick Stanczyk. She grew up on the water and learned how to drive a boat before she could drive a car. She runs lobster charter tours from her 24' bay boat during the season and also works at Bud n' Mary's marina in the office booking charters and managing the apparel store. She is an artist, who enjoys preserving and drawing on the swordfish bills that Nick catches for his charter clients.

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Heather Lee


Twenty-six-year-old Florida native, Heather Lee is a mermaid at heart who loves the sea and everything it offers. Fishing is her true passion and it draws her to the ocean, near or far. She enjoys weekend trips to West End, The Bahamas, or Bimini to fish from sun-up to sun-down. If she is not working, she is always on the water; rain or shine!

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Jessica Stavrakas


Merritt Island [Florida] native, Jessica Stavrakas, 23, spent most of her childhood outdoors, playing in the water and discovering a passion that will last her lifetime. Coming from a salty little town, Jessica was introduced to many captains who showed her the ropes. With a hands-on attitude, Jessica wanted to learn how to do everything herself, and with this determination, she quickly was able to operate a vessel and fish on her own. Fishing isn’t just a hobby for Jessica; it’s a lifestyle!

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Skylar Vallancourt


Coming from Central Florida, Skylar is taking her fishing to the next level by moving to South Florida. She absolutely loves fishing and would go every single day if she could. She is hungry to learn everything and anything there is to know - she ties her own knots, rigs her own baits, and enjoys the challenge of landing her own fish.

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Heidi Hill


From when she was a little girl who could barely see over the gunnel, boats have always been her play pin. “Nothing beats losing sight of the shore knowing you’re going to that special spot where the thrill of the fight awaits.” There's no doubt that traveling the waters of Florida, Bahamas and Costa Rica is Heidi’s passion and lifestyle. As a certified level II Nitrox diver, one of her most outstanding experiences is being four atmospheres deep hunting for 8-lb. lobster and epic grouper.

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Rachel Cwiklinki


Born and raised in Merritt Island, FL Rachel Cwiklinski was never far from the water. She grew up going on annual fishing trips with her father. Her passion started from fishing Mosquito Lagoon with her pink pole and hooking into redfish. Being able to grow up and currently live in an environment surrounded by local anglers and charter companies opened up many doors for her to experience such an amazing way of life.

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